retropie install roms on sd card 3 best ways

retropie install roms on sd card

retropie install roms on sd card 3 best ways

retropie install roms on sd card the easy way

retropie install roms on sd card step by step.

ROM means Read-Only Memory. In a RetroPie context, ROMs are electronic copies of video games that allow you to run them emulators (software that simulates your old video gaming consoles). There are numerous concerns entailing Copyright laws regarding the usage of ROMs, so in order to preserve the integrity and durability of the RetroPie project, the download areas of ROMs will not as well as can not be added to the Wiki. That being said, in the search of your childhood years.

USB stick or usb converter that has micro sd card slots.

  1. (ensure that your USB stick is formatted to FAT32)
  2. create a folder called retropie on your USB stick
  3. plug it into the RetroPie system and wait for it to finish blinking
  4. pull the USB stick out and plug it into a computer
  5. add the roms to their respective folders (within the retropie/roms folder)
  6. plug it back into the RetroPie system
  7. wait for it to finish blinking
  8. you can now remove the USB stick
  9. Refresh the game listing in Emulation station by pressing F4, or choosing ‘Restart Emulationstation’/’Restart System’ via the start menu.

SFTP’s software can be downloaded for free online just google search it.

SFTP or SSH File Transfer Protocol also called Secure File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that allows you to securely transfer files over a network. Naturally, both your PC and RetroPie system will need to be connected to the same network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi in order to successfully transfer your files.

  • Wired (needs Ethernet cable)
  • Wireless (Raspberry Pi Zero W, 3 and 4 models have onboard Wi-Fi, so Pi 1 and 2 will need a dongle)

To use SFTP, you must first enable SSH. As of the November 2016 release, Raspbian has the SSH server disabled by default.

To enable SSH from within RetroPie:

  1. Navigate to the RetroPie configuration area.
  2. Select raspi-config
  3. Select Interfacing Options
  4. Select SSH
  5. Choose Yes
  6. Select Ok
  7. Choose Finish

There are many SFTP programs out there:

retropie install roms on sd card

retropie install roms on sd card

Connection settings:

  • Protocol: SFTP
  • IP address: To find the IP address of your RetroPie, go into RetroPie options from the main menu and select the last option Show IP address. You can also find this information from the terminal on retropie in the bash info or with the command ifconfig
  • Username: pi (default)
  • Password: raspberry (default)

Where to drop the files*

Simply drop the files in the ~/RetroPie/roms/your-emulator folder, where your-emulator is the name of the target console, e.g. snes or arcade.

You can also log in as root if you wish to change more files than just the roms, but you first need to enable the root password by typing sudo passwd root into the terminal and choosing a new root password.

Transferring roms directly into micro sd card without ftp

download Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software

This is the best way you can transfer roms fast without messing about with anything, all you do is plug in the USB stick with your micro sd card inserted into your laptop and the software will detect the Linux partition and you will get to see all the folders including the rom’s folder.
Just transfer the zip files to the roms folder and unplug and play it is that easy all with the help of that software.

For more information check out the linux file system website or check out the wiki page it has every there you need to know.

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