how to share folder raspberry pi on your network in 3:steps

Mounting Samba on the Raspberry Pi

how to share folder raspberry pi on your network in 3:steps

Exactly how to share folder raspberry pi in between your Raspberry Pi and also an additional computer system on your network

Lot of times we desire to access the files of our Raspberry Pi from one more computer system on our network. For those cases there are much more or less very easy alternatives. But when what we desire is to have that Raspberry Pi folder available like a typical Windows folder, Samba is the service.

how to share folder raspberry pi on your network in 3:steps 1

As well as it is that Samba is an Open Resource execution of the Windows SMB procedure. This procedure permits us to share folders between 2 computers in a basic method Windows, and many thanks to Samba, we can also share a folder from the Raspberry Pi.

This seems very intriguing, because we can make use of files that we carry the Raspberry Pi without straight accessing it. As well as with this tutorial we are going to see how to mount Samba, how to configure it as well as how to access a shared folder from a Windows computer system.

Mounting Samba on the Raspberry Pi

We begin with the most convenient component of the tutorial, which is to set up Samba on the Raspberry Pi. We will do this with the complying with command in the incurable.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install samba samba-common -y

We allowed the incurable perform the command and also when it ends up, we will certainly currently have Samba mounted on the Raspberry Pi We can always take an appearance at this post that I started on the Linux terminal if we want to recognize more about the incurable.

Setting up Samba on the Raspberry Pi.

Since we have actually Samba set up, we have to configure it to share a folder from the Raspberry Pi. To do this, we will open up the smb.conf data from the incurable, where the Samba configuration is situated. We will use the complying with command in the terminal for that.

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf With the arrangement documents open, we will certainly relocate to completion of it, where we will certainly create the adhering to.
[home] comment = Carpeta de inicio de la Raspberry Pi path = /home/pi browseable = Yes writeable = Yes only guest = no create mask = 0777 directory mask = 0777 public = no
Editing smb.conf to add new shared folders to Raspberry Pi with Samba
With this we will share the /house/ pi folder on the SMB network. It is a default setup to make sure that we can access all the files as well as folders because folder with the user pi as well as with a password, which by default will certainly be that user's. Let's see what each parameter means and what we can place in these to configure it.

My guidance is to leave everything as I have put in the configuration, other than the path to the folder that we are going to share, the name and also the comment. We have to define a password for the individual as well as we will have almost whatever all set to share folders from our Raspberry Pi with Samba once every little thing is to our liking.

To designate the individual’s password in Samba, we have to carry out the following command in the terminal.

sudo smbpasswd -a pi

Once this is done, it will ask us for a brand-new password which we repeat it. We will certainly make use of that password in Windows when we go to access the common folder.

And to end up configuring Samba on our Raspberry Pi, it only continues to be to reboot the solution, which we will certainly do by putting the complying with in the terminal.

sudo service smbd restart
Restarting Samba after configuring it to share the folders that we have added in the configuration

Accessing our shared folder from Windows

The very first thing we have to understand is the IP of the Raspberry Pi. For this, we are going to use a command where we will certainly see the information of the network interfaces of our Raspberry Pi, as well as we will have the ability to know what IP we will certainly have to connect to. The command that we have to place in the terminal is as follows.

Since everything is functioning, we can just access the shared folder from another computer system. Typically, we all make use of Windows, so let’s see how we can access that folder from Windows.

ip addr Relying on whether we have the Raspberry Pi attached with a network cord or by means of Wi-Fi, we will certainly need to look at the result of an interface. In the case of the cable television it would certainly be the user interface eth0 as well as in the case of the wifi it would certainly be wlan0. If we have more interfaces linked through a USB, they will show up there. We need to keep the 4 numbers that appear behind inet in our user interface, which in my case would certainly be
Knowing the IP of the Raspberry Pi with the command ip addr

Now we open a new window of Windows Explorer as well as in the address bar we put \ \ IP_DE_RASPBERRY_PI. In my instance, it would be \ \

Typing the IP of our Raspberry Pi in Windows File Explorer

Now Windows will ask us for a username and also password. We will certainly put as customer pi and also as password the one that we have defined before, and also we already have accessibility to our shared folder of the Raspberry Pi thanks to Samba

Logging into the shared folder of our Raspberry Pi

When inside, we will certainly see the folders shared by the Raspberry Pi, where we can do the like with a typical folder. Now we just need to capitalize on these folders to be able to duplicate data from the Raspberry Pi to the computer system or vice versa.

share folder raspberry pi

Share folder Raspberry Pi

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